T2-GI * IBS(irritable bowel syndrome) formula

For patients,

Please try to find your health practitioner to get these one of the formula for you. Please ask any practitioner to order this natural formula(T2-GI) for you. 
If we get an order from a health practitioner, we will ship this to him/her. Then you can pick it up at his/her place. 

If you couldn't find any health practitioner in you area, please contact us directly by E mail( ttformula@gmail.com) then we will help you.

If you live near our place(Calgary,Lethbridge or southern Alberta in Canada), just phone or email us. Then we can help you too.

If you want to take a treatment from Dr.Adam Hong, please make an appointment at 403 904 2400. 

For practitioners,

We are looking for practitioners who want to help people who are suffering with IBS, IBD or Crohn's Disease. 
Please email( ttformula@gmail.com) us your personal information and location. We will give you detailed information about our co work program.