T2-GI * IBS(irritable bowel syndrome) formula

No more suffering with IBS, T2-GI can help you to treat your IBS.
100% natural formula, 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • Fast and effective soothing relief for IBS and GI problem.
  • Treat and tonification
  • Made from natural herbs

Dosage and advice

Consumption Directions

  • Take 1 pill 30 minutes after meal or when feeling sick
    (children of age 6 to 9 should take half a pill at a time)
  • To consume, chew then swallow
  • After consuming, drink water or honey-tea if needed
  • If patient is 5 years old or younger, consult before consuming
  • Believe in the effects of the medicine.
    Belief and positive mindset is a big part of all healing processes.

Storing Directions

  • Expires after 1 year
  • Keep refrigerated


  • Maximum 6 dozes a day unless directed otherwise
  • After discomforts are gone, consume the product for at least another day
  • Because this product is made of natural herbs, there are only minimal side effects
    However, if any is found, stop consuming and contact for consultant
  • This product tastes quite bitter. When consumed by children,
    it is recommanded to serve it with honey-tea


  • Slightly bumpy and rough texture is due to natural herbs so need not worry